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By: Jeff Schuman II
? Jeff Schuman II
Do you find yourself looking for a way to make some extra money?How about creating a website on something that everyone includesin their life, Music? The opportunities are endless and what?sgreat about it is that you can make money on it while you?reeating, sleeping, or just sitting around watching TV.
Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of work in the beginning to geteverything started. Once you get your website built the way youwant it though, all that is left is maintaining it to keep it attip top shape. From there you'll be making money off of it24/7. So, how do you get started and how do you make money offof it you may be wondering?
To start off you need to purchase a domain name, which is yourwebsite URL. You can do this at for a cheap priceof $9.20 per year. Now you have your website name, the nextstep is to pick a host for your website. This is where you willbuild your website. You can do this at starting at$3.95 per month, or choose to go to another hosting company asthere are many out there.
From there you are set to build your website, now how do youbegin making money off of it?
There are many ways to make money off of your website. One wayis to join affiliate programs through companies around theworld. How an affiliate program works is you join under thatcompany and refer people through your website to their website.Then, as people go to the companies website through yours,whatever the person buy?s you get a certain amount of money offof their purchase.
The amount made varies from company to company and it evenvaries among the different products sold. The big namecompanies you'll often make less money off of, such as Best Buyand Circuit City you'll make approximately 3-7% on all sales.Smaller companies some times offer more through their affiliateprograms, but people sometimes will opt to go to the well knowncompanies instead.
For a music website you'll obviously want to join affiliateprograms dealing with entertainment of some sort. Bestbuy.comand are good ones to join, but can be difficultto get into when you?re just starting out. One good one can befound at: is an affiliate network that is extremely good tojoin as you instantly gain access to you choice of over 10,000digital products to sell on your website. There are ninecategories associated with, but categories tofocus on with a music website through would be funand entertainment and sports and recreation.
Where you find the registration form for the affiliate programsis on the companies? homepage, and it is usually listed on thebottom of their homepage as affiliate program. When doing amusic website you don't have to just stick with music affiliateprograms either. You can focus on entertainment as a whole thatway you can join affiliate programs for games, movies, postersand more.
Another way you can make money through affiliate programs istwo-tier programs. Two-tier programs are programs that you makemoney off of people signing up for the affiliate program throughyou. Not all affiliate programs offer two-tier programs, butthey are out there and signing up to affiliate programs withtwo-tier programs is to your benefit. A few entertainmenttwo-tier programs that I have joined include;
The best thing with affiliate programs is that they are free.You make money off of selling companies? products and it doesn?tcost you a thing to register under the company. Another bonusto affiliate programs is that there is no limit as to how manyyou are allowed to join and put on your website. The sky is thelimit with affiliate programs and money can be made 24/7 on yourmusic website today at the cost of nothing. About the author:
Jeff Schuman is the creator of where you can buy CD?s and find all of the best free music downloads.

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