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is truly unprecedented and we would really love to have you with us on the success of this program. There is still plenty of time to join MusicForte as an OWL member, before corporate and leader campaigns get started in force. Remember, MusicForte is a brand new online program and as an OWL member you have the chance to get involved at the ground level.

But I'm not a musician, why should I join?

The earning potential for affiliates is tremendous for anyone, let alone for you being invited at the start as an OWL member! The interest response rate on this has been much higher than anything we've seen before. We're going to be able to recruit both people interested in earning with the affiliate program as well as musicians, music stores, music centers, radio stations and record companies. Members have already been getting high interest from folks in all of those categories!

You can earn very well in the 3x6 force fill matrix, over $4200 a month possible. You get $10 for every direct referral to the platinum plan to be an affiliate, another $10 for every upgrade and direct referral for the Musician Module, and another $10 for every upgrade and direct referral for the Customer Module. Then in addition to all that, you get a 5% commission on every single music project sale from referred Musicians and/or Customers in the state of the art reverse bidding system for music projects. We're also adding a member profit sharing plan on the compilation CD's that Music Forte will create and release containing our Musician members, all leading up to the plan to make Music Forte its own record label.

Join us now at

I am a musician, why should I join?

Musicians can post a page about themselves as well us uploaded samples to market yourself to the businesses, stations, customers and other musicians involved. You can submit songs for radio play time on the Music Forte Internet Radio station that will be going live. One of your songs could be selected to be included in the Music Forte compilation CD's we'll be releasing. You can bid on music projects that our Customer members will be posting, like a new jingle for their ad, a tune for their website, a band looking for a bass riff, etc. When the customer for the project selects you, you get paid for your music! Sell your old equipment through the Music Mart. You can collaborate or even form a band with fellow Musician members. Submit articles about music or your music stories for cash. You can also be paid well participating in the platinum plan as an affiliate too. Refer your musician contacts, drop flyers off about it at the club you play, drop cards off about it at the music store you frequent.

Join us now at

Music Forte is for Everyone!

Yes. It truly has a mass public appeal. Every platinum, musician and customer member also gets a subscription to Tracks Magazine included! And every member is offered unlimited 6-month sessions of online music instrument lessons on guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin, and much more!

Take advantage of your early invite (a big plus for you with a force fill matrix!), and join with us now at

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Your Colleagues,
David Platte and DR Werba
co-founders OWL

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